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Your Dog Can Be Your Fitness Resolution Solution for 2019

 In our Alpha P.A.L.S. program, no fitness goal is impossible for us and we welcome all dog obedience challenges. When it comes to socializing, walking, running or maintaining control with your canine friend, your only real leadership obstacle is a mindset that is too small. 

How well does your dog sit, heel, lie down and stay? When and where do you apply these skills? Learn real applications for these skills in our fun fitness classes designed to make your dog want to be your workout partner.   

We help you attack your challenges in a way that attracts real success and long term results. Join us in a free session to see how you can make your dog your best training partner. Our next eight week P.A.L.S. fitness sessions begin on  Saturday, January 12 @ 4 pm and our basic to intermediate sessions, at E-Z Dog Wash begin on Tuesday, January 8th @ 6 pm. Space is limited so call to reserve your spot today!

Passion for Functional Fitness

 Our MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions combined with nutritional coaching combined with Advocare 24 Day Challenges, can fix your imbalances and eliminate the need to waste your money in doctor's visits, prescription drugs and fitness fads. 

Advocare's clean, pro athlete approved products and clinics help to fuel the physical challenges which are needed to change the systems across your body, help you to have higher energy levels, compete to win, fight forever and play your favorite sports like a beast. 

Join our functional fitness sessions to learn the secrets for fitness and nutrition success in sports you active lifestyle. 

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Thursdays @ 6:30 pm

Start Where You Are

Every day, accept yourself where you are with the intention of meeting the greater you. Adapt our training approach to your own adventure and get closer and closer to your greater self. What weaknesses challenge you today? Take the initiative and work toward experiencing your breakthrough. 

You don't need a gym to experience championship caliber fitness -- all we need is your commitment to a few goals and a clear destination. 

Join us on our weekly runs, boot camps, K-9 obedience or martial arts/tactical conditioning classes. 

Send me a message about what fitness challenges you are overcoming (or you would like to overcome) in your new active lifestyle. I might just feature your success story in an upcoming Instagram, Facebook, Twitter post or in our website blog post. 

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