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*Do you need corporate or family active shooter/ home defense training? You're at the right place. 

In the past, Dragon Fire's creator, Robbie Alexander, NSCA-CPT, APDT, has been responsible for designing programs for and training new recruits for martial arts companies in the L.A. area. He has a gift for patiently helping people develop their inner strengths and getting better fitness results while learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

After teaching and training championship caliber students for 13 years,  Robbie created Impact Martial Arts & Fitness in 2002 in which, he helped many parents regain their power and reclaim their family's sanity.  For those who are fully committed to their success, his martial arts  and functional fitness programs give a great sense of security, strength and endurance while improving overall health. 

Dragon Fire's self defense training philosophies have expanded into a new tactical conditioning program that prepares civilian family leaders as well as government officers to be better prepared to protect and defend.

Now, in his newest program, Robbie combines his martial arts leadership principles that parents appreciate, with k-9 leadership principles. The result is a powerfully effective and fun dog leadership and obedience training program called the Alpha P.A.L.S. K-9 and Owner Fitness program. Now, you can have a very entertaining way to apply dog obedience skills, learn to communicate, connect, develop a deeper bond with your dog and do fitness training with your favorite fitness partner, your mid to large breed dog.

 If you want to achieve real, long lasting results in our weight loss programs, you must do more than exercise your body. To experience powerful life changes, you also need to exercise and reprogram your mind for attracting the success of your dreams.  Although willpower alone doesn't change your lifestyle, long term training and nutritional results are the biproducts of your mental development. Robbie helps you to remember that in time, you will experience more results from your nutritional adjustments and more power in your physical training and ultimately, you'll experience a life filled with more powerful accomplishments.

At least 60% of losing weight is a nutritional journey about eating lighter and cleaner as well as learning how to properly shop for and use produce (fruit & veggies) and supplements to achieve your desired fitness results. Focusing on first things first, lets turn your body into an efficient, fat burning furnace and then you can use the warrior's philosophy behind Robbie's training to become nutritionally successful.  

 With Dragon Fire's weight loss programs, you will change your perceptions and attitudes about weight training, mental fitness, and the overall healthy (and wealthy) lifestyle. This is where the Advocare, 24 Day Challenge comes into play. The 24 Day Challenge is a nutrition and wellness course designed to improve your approach to eating and supplementing for experiencing bigger results.

 Robbie knew he could really make a bigger positive influence in people's lives on a much broader scale so he self-published "Dragon Fire: Finding Your Personal Best" and created the Dragon Fire functional fitness programs as a platform for applying his unique approach to physical and mental success.  

  After you read Dragon Fire, Robbie will help you set goals and reach them. 

Robbie says, "I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you to understand the proper techniques for performing practical martial arts,  fighting for the big and small screen or the ring, strength training, flexibility, athletic and tactical specific cross training, cardiovascular endurance, as well as the mental endurance necessary to maintain proper nutritional lifestyle habits". 

Along with finding your definition of success, Sensei Robbie will take you step by step through the processes involved with understanding HOW to achieve it, regardless of your level of personal development. 

So If you're ready to become a better defender, have a better behaving dog, more control with your dog and join the REAL weight loss revolution, you have picked the best place to start your journey. 

Contact us today at the information below and remember as Sensei Robbie always says,

"Real wealth begins with inner health."

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