Active Dog Training




In just one canine assessment session, Robbie Alexander can understand enough about you, your goals, your family, and your pup to program two hours (or four half hour sessions) of training. This assessment is designed to make your dog stop jumping, inappropriately meeting others and leash biting or whatever the challenges may be and ultimately, focus on serving you more. After a few sessions with Robbie, Rex will respond to the sit, lay down, stay, heel and come when called in a much more impressive way. Give us a call today to set up your assessment package and begin to have peace of mind with a more balanced dog. Remember, the assessment package also can be used as a canine selection package to determine which breed of pup is best for your family and out of a litter, which puppy's  temperament is best for you and your family's lifestyle. Call today for more information. 


Training "On The Run" Sessions

 A very fun approach to getting fit and staying fit is keeping up with the challenge of owning your high energy dog. A mentally and physically drained dog is much easier to train. Do you have time to run with your high energy dog every day before your training sessions? How well does your dog walk and run on a leash in public with you? If your answer is "not that good", then you should take advantage of our running & training sessions. We will pick up your dog or meet you at one of our locations, run with and train your high energy companion to be proficient at various social obedience skills twice a week with the intention of teaching you to train your dog to behave better on a leash. Register today in the pro shop and RSVP for this very popular private class or click on the link below to visit Robbie's page on Visit and "like" our "Dragon Fire Functional Fitness" Facebook page and look for our promo code to save $20 on booking your first session on with Robbie. To check out Robbie's page, click here


Basic to Intermediate Training

Make your dog your fitness partner! 

We now offer our basic to intermediate  obedience services at 

EZ Dog Wash

​1748 Royal Oaks Dr. Duarte, Ca. 91010

Do you have a dog with a ton of energy? Does he do too much jumping, inappropriate meeting, barking, digging and does he tear up your house when you're away? Sounds like a behavior management program is exactly what you need. What if your dog not only listened to you more, but was more interested in serving you? Imagine how powerful you would feel, regaining control and finally having the upper hand during these challenging and potentially embarrassing moments. 

For you active owner out there, the Patient and Assertive Leadership System (AKA: P.A.L.S.) is the right fit for you to gain control of your canine companion while turning yourself into the athlete that can keep up with your canine pal's high energy lifestyle demands. This program involves dog walking and running in Monrovia and Duarte. No prior basic obedience training is required. Non-social and misbehaving dogs are all welcome. The emphasis in this class is on basic to intermediate commands, how to use those commands for behavior management, proper handling skills and understanding the types of communication that attracts better behavior in your canine buddy. Balanced dogs equal happy owners. Imagine a fitness boot camp in which your dog can be your training partner and you have the Alpha P.A.L.S Active Dog Training program. 

For more information or to register for the smaller and more intimate and intensive versions of this program call 

EZ-Dog Wash at (626) 357-7100

Personal as well as small group training (up to four dogs) sessions can also be offered at your home, office or at one of our locations across Whittier, Duarte or Monrovia. Call us today for details.  

Dragon Fire dog training plus dog grooming at E-Z Dog WASH

Our Specialty Dog Training Location

Alpha P.A.L.S. in Action

Is your out of control dog driving you crazy? There's always a solution. Dragon Fire's ALPHA P.A.L.S. program has an athletic approach to dog training that teaches you how to challenge your pup mentally and physically while helping you to lose inches off your waist while gaining more control over your dog. Interested? Check out this video to understand, then register for sessions.