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Put aside all the popular hype of the fitness industry. Understand what the functional fitness craze is all about and how you can experience dramatic fat loss by improving your abilities to sit, stand, walk, run and swim. Efficient and more powerful every day body functions equals a more attractive and athletic body, more efficient body systems, muscle gains and a higher metablism.   

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Get to know our great outdoor gym location, Royal Oaks Etension Park and Encantu Park in Duarte, by training for free for the day. Interested? Contact Coach Robbie for details.


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Got Fitness Goals? Interested in making a big impression at your next  obstacle course race or GORUCK challenge? Register here on the website for the three hour assessment package. Set nutrition and supplementation goals, get your functional fitness programming established and be on your way to experiencing more results from your training by registering for one of our affordable and convenient personal and semi-personal training packages in Duarte, Monrovia or Azusa. Ask about small group training with a group of friends and how this can save you $$.