Success Stories

Advocare Coaching


 "With the Dragon Fire approach to training and Robbie's approach to the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, I have lost 25 pounds and my next goal is to get back on the soccer field."

-Sandra Lerma

Active Dog Training


 Robbie's system for positive k-9 leadership training makes me more conscious about being a better parent to my kids.

-Crystal Marquez

Running training


 "I recently ran a 5k in 33 minutes and my goal is to improve on that time and I know I'll do it with Robbie's help."

-Lucy Ortega

Pro Athletes



Personal training with Robbie at Anytime Fitness was great! The sessions have improved my overall stability in my golf technique and I was able to reach some significant goals within the 20 sessions we trained together. 

Robbie helped me to add structure to my workouts. Many of my struggles have been motivating myself to get through to the end of the workouts and this program was able to get me passed my limits. 

What I value the most from the training is developing a healthier mind and body. I can now feel my body functioning better throughout my golf swing.  

-Brett Kennedy,

  Pro Golfer